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Vego Vegan Chocolates

Vego Vegan Chocolate Bars

Vego Vegan Chocolate

Vego chocolate bars are made from high-quality ingredients, including the finest Italian chocolate. The makers boast that they are probably the tastiest chocolate bars in the world, and once you've tasted one, we think that you'll find it hard to disagree.

As well as being incredibly tasty and large enough to satisfy even the greatest chocolate craving, Vego vegan chocolate bars are organic, fairtrade and gluten-free too.

The Vego range includes the original "giant" size 150g Vego Whole Hazelnut Bar and the newer "mini" size version of the same bar, which is just as delicious, but weighs in at a slightly more modest 65g.

Vego bars and the other chocolate products in the Vego range really are vegan chocolate at its finest with many non-vegans saying that it's the best chocolate they've ever tasted too.

Vego Vegan Chocolate Bars

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Vego Chocolate Bars
Delicious dairy-free chocolate bars produced using high-quality, organic ingredients.
Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar (Vegan) (150g) £3.49
Vego Mini Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar (Vegan) (65g) £1.99
Vego Dark Nuts & Berries Bar (Vegan) (85g) £2.69
Vego Almond Bliss White Chocolate Bar (Vegan) (50g) £2.25
Vego Vegolino Fine Nougat Pralines (Vegan) (180g) £5.75
Vego Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Melts (Vegan) (180g) £4.99

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