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Vega Nutritionals - Vitamins, Minerals & Herbal Supplements

Vega Vitamins, Vega Nutritional Supplements

Vega Vitamins, Minerals & Herbal Supplements Vega are a UK based company who are committed to providing a supreme quality range of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements.

Based on the latest nutritional research, Vega strive to achieve an innovative approach to creating unique formulations, designed to provide the finest quality nutrients, to maintain and promote optimal health.

Vega vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements are manufactured to rigorous and uncompromising standards, and all of their products sold by us are free from gelatin, artificial additives, colours, flavours or preservatives. In addition, they do not contain corn, wheat, gluten, sugar, starch, salt, yeast and dairy products.

All Vega products listed by Green Valley are suitable for vegans.

If pregnant, taking medication or suffering from any disease, always consult a healthcare practitioner before taking a new vitamin or supplement.

For product details, including complete ingredients list, click on the product name.

The Vega range includes:

Vega Nutritional Supplements
Vega Vitamin B Group
Vega produce a balanced formulation of B-complex as well as individual vitamin B products for specific needs. The B-complex vitamins are essential components of enzyme systems that drive the body to form energy to generate new cells. Marginal deficiencies can adversely affect tissues that grow or metabolise rapidly, such as the skin, blood, cells of the digestive tract and nervous system.
B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 1000µg (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £5.85
Folic Acid 400mcg (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £6.29
Vitamin B Complex (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £5.95
Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £10.39
Vega Vitamin C
Vega Vitamin C is non-acidic and fortified with natural Bioflavonoids, known to increase the absorption and biological effectiveness of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin involved in more than 300 biochemical pathways in the body. It needs to be obtained form dietary source as it cannot be synthesised by the human body. Vitamin C deficiency leads to the disease scurvy. Symptoms of deficiency include bleeding gums, weakness, poor wound healing and immune function, joint pains and bruising.
Vitamin C (Non-Acidic Formula) 500mg (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £4.95
Vega Minerals
The body is incapable of manufacturing minerals on its own, and therefore minerals need to be obtained from dietary sources or supplementation. Virtually none of the nutrients such as anti-oxidants, fibre and proteins can assert their benefits without the assistance of one or more key minerals. They are involved in regulation and maintenance of water and electrolyte balance, skeletal construction, and nerve and muscle function. Vega minerals are formulated in the best chelate form to achieve maximum absorption in the body and nutritionally balanced to provide correct elemental values for maximum utilisation and benefit.
Calcium, Magnesium + Zinc (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £7.69
Calcium + Vitamin D (Vegan) Tablets (60 tabs) £8.15
Iron Bisglycinate 50mg (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £5.75
Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £10.39
Magnesium Citrate 100mg (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £4.85
Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £6.95
Selenium (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £5.79
Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £10.45
Zinc Citrate 50mg (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £6.95
Vega Probiotics and Digestive Aids
Achieving successful nutrition requires a healthy digestive system, and a healthy, effective colon requires the correct balance of friendly microflora. The microflora can be affected by pollution, pesticides, stress, processed foods, antibiotics etc., which results in an imbalance that causes problems with digestion and candida related problems.
Acidophilus Bifidus Complex (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £5.95
Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £9.55
Digestive Enzymes Formula (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £5.05
Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £8.05
Vega Specialised Nutritional Supplements
Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £12.55
Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £21.95
Garlic Extract 700mg (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £7.49
Vega Special Care Formulas
Hair-Skin-Nails Formula (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £8.25
Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £14.49
Menopause Formula (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £14.49
Opticare 20:20 Formula (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £15.49

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