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Digestive Enzymes Formula

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Suitable for vegetariansSuitable for vegans
Digestive Enzymes Formula provides hydrochloric acid and a combination of enzymes that help in the breakdown of foods such as proteins, fats, starches and fibre. Digestive enzymes are secreted in various parts of the gastro-intestinal tract, helping to digest and breakdown food and unlocking vital nutrients that are then absorbed into the blood stream. Various foods can provide a source of enzymes, however they must be consumed raw as heat can destroy the enzymes.
Works well with:
Acidophilus Bifidus Complex

£5.05 / 30 caps

£8.05 / 60 caps

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Ingredients 1 capsule will typically provide
Betaine 70mg
Protease (65,000 USP Units/g) 70mg
Bromelain (2,000 GD Units/g) 50mg
Papain (6,000 USP Units/g) 30mg
Amylase (316,000 USP Units/g) 10mg
Lipase (11,000 USP Units/g) 5mg
Cellulase (30,000 FCC Units/g) 2mg
Vega Base™ (Apple & Mixed Berry Concentrate PE 8:1) 159mg
- Prebiotic Acacia Gum 125mg
Encapsulated with: Vegetable Capsule Shell (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Natural Colours: Titanium Dioxide, Copper Chlorophyllin), Anti-caking Agent (Magnesium Stearate)

Free from: Artificial additives, colours, flavourings & preservatives. Contains no: Dairy, gelatin, GM ingredients or gluten.

Suitable for kosher, vegetarian & vegan diets.


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