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The Moral High Ground Clothing

The Moral High Ground Clothing

Hundred Million The Moral High Ground is a brand of clothing designed by Hundred Million to provide a subtle alternative for vegans and those passionate about expressing their beliefs.

They feature designs that get the cruelty-free message across in a much less abrasive way than the traditional 'I am not an ingredient' style shirts, or those simply using the words 'vegan' or 'peace' as a graphic. The range is continually expanding and evolving to gently put the point across that the wearer believes in peace, equality, kindness and conscience, without simply stating it.

The Moral High Ground Clothing

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Unisex T-Shirts
The Moral High Ground T-shirts from Hundred Million are made from 100% cotton and feature unique, eye-catching designs incorpating vegan-themed symbols.
The Moral High Ground (Black) (Vegan)   Size: £15.00
Stand For Something (Black) (Vegan)   Size: £15.00

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