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Turmeric Extra is a potent combination of key herbs and spices including Curcumin, Bromelain and Ginger.

This formulation uses a 20:1 Turmeric extract to provide the equivalent of 8,000mg Turmeric, guaranteeing 380mg of the all important constituent Curcumin, combined with warming and settling Ginger Root, and Bromelain. Black Pepper (Piperine) has also been added to help benefit the use of this product.

Turmeric is a well established traditional medicinal root (Ayurveda) and has also been used for centuries in Indian and Chinese cuisine, but it also has many beneficial compounds within it, the most interesting of which is curcumin, used to help manage oxidative and inflammatory conditions, including soreness. Also traditionally used to soother digestive problems.

Bromalain is the name given to a group of enzymes, which can help digest proteins, leading to an improvement in digestion and is also thought to ease inflammation.

Ginger Root, as well as being a familiar spice, has a reputation for aiding proper digestive health and settling the stomach. Turmeric Extra uses standardised extract, naturally containing Gingerols, which may provide natural help to maintain proper digestive health as well as help joint mobility and inflammation.

The addition of Black Pepper Extract (Piperine) improves the absorption and bioavailabilty of all these nutrients.

Ingredients 1 capsule will typically provide
Turmeric 20:1 Extract 400mg
equivalent to:
– Turmeric 8000mg
– which provides:
– 95% Curcumin 380mg
Vegetable Cellulose Capsule
Turmeric Root Powder 50mg
Bromelain 8mg
Black Pepper Extract 5.5mg
which provides:
– 95% Piperine 5mg
Ginger Root 20:1 Extract 5mg
equivalent to:
– Ginger Root (naturally containing Gingerols) 100mg
Magnesium Stearate
Does not contain animal products, derivatives or byproducts. 100% vegetarian, vegan. Certified by the Vegan Society.

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30 caps

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