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Natural Way Dog Treats

Natural Way Dog Treats

Natural Way Dog Treats The Natural Way dog treats that we sell are produced using 100% natural ingredients. They provide a range of natural nutrients, promoting good health and vitality for your canine friend.

These vegan dog treats contain no added preservatives, additives or artificial colours and have no added sugar or salt. The fat and naturally occuring sugar content is low.

The Natural Way products that we sell are completely free of animal ingredients and are suitable for vegetarian and vegan pets.

For product details, including complete ingredients list, click on the product name.


Dog Biscuit Treats
100% natural dog treats. Small bone shaped biscuits that are traditionally baked to give a hard, crunchy texture. Containing no animal byproducts or preservatives.
Dog Biscuit Treats - Apple & Cinnamon (Vegan) (150g) £1.79
Grain-Free Gourmet Dog Treats
Made in in the UK, these Natural Way grain-free treats are a healthy way to treat your best friend. Hand-baked with a blend of premium-grade, nutritious ingredients and no artificial colours, preservatives, additives or added sugar.
Gourmet Dog Treats - Blackberry & Apple (Vegan) (150g) £2.99
Gourmet Dog Treats - CarobChoc & Orange (Vegan) (150g) £2.99
Gourmet Dog Treats - Strawberry & Rhubarb (Vegan) (150g) £2.99

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