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Moo Free Vegan Chocolates

Moo Free Vegan Chocolates

Moo Free Vegan Chocolates

Moo Free is an ethical company based in England. All of the Moo Free products they produce are made in the UK using dairy free and vegan friendly ingredients that are also Fair Trade where possible.

As well as recycling over 92% of their waste, the company also try to ensure that all of their packaging is either biodegradable, recyclable or both meaning that their chocolates are not only animal friendly, but environmentally friendly too.

The Moo Free range of vegan chocolates has grown over the years with the latest addition being new "Mini Bars". These bite-size bars are ideal for children or for satisfying that craving for a delicious chocolate treat.

Thanks to Moo Free chocolates you really can enjoy the taste of milk chocolate the "Moo Free" way.

Moo Free Vegan Chocolate

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Moo Free Vegan Chocolates
Delicious dairy-free alternative to milk chocolates. Produced using Fair Trade ingredients and completely free from animal ingredients.
Moo Free Chocolate Bar (Vegan) (100g) £2.65
Moo Free Everyday Chocolate Bar - Original (Vegan) (80g) £1.79
Moo Free Mini Bar - Original (Vegan) (20g) £0.65
Moo Free Mini Bar - Bunnycomb (Vegan) (20g) £0.65
Moo Free Mini Bar - Orange (Vegan) (20g) £0.65
Moo Free Mini Bar - White (Vegan) (20g) £0.65
Moo Free Choccy Buttons - Original (Vegan) (25g) £0.70
Moo Free Choccy Drops (Vegan) (25g) £0.85
Moo Free Chocolate Advent Calendar (Vegan) (70g) £3.99
Moo Free Chocolate Selection Box (Vegan) (105g) £3.99
Moo Free Chocolate Santa (Vegan) (32g) £0.79
Moo Free White Chocolate Snowman (Vegan) (32g) £0.79

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