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Jute Bags

Jute Bags

Jute Not Plastic Jute bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Jute is a natural bast fibre, a vegetable fibre composed of cellulose which is the main building material of all plants. Like all natural fibres jute is totally biodegradeable. Jute is a fast growing crop with a much higher carbon dioxide assimilation rate than trees and bags made from it have the life span of over a thousand plastic carrier bags

In the UK alone we use 150 million plastic bags per week, the majority of which end up on landfill sites or being burnt, which releases a plethora of toxic chemicals into the air. Only a tiny fraction of these carrier bags are recycled and this requires energy and resources to collect and process the bags.

Jute is a truly renewable and sustainable resource and one that causes no pollution during its production whilst it also consumes over 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare, helping to reduce the quantity of this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Jute bags are strong, spacious and long lasting and, when they are discarded, jute bags totally decompose putting valuable nutrients back into the soil.

Jute Bags

Tote / Shopping Bags
These jute tote style shopping bags have sturdy fabric handles so that they can be worn over the shoulder and they feature eye-catching designs with an environmental message printed on both sides of the bags.
I'm Not Rubbish (Vegan) £4.25
Don't Bin It - Logo (Vegan) £4.25
Use Me (Vegan) £4.25
Bottle Bags
These jute bags are designed specifically to carry bottles. They look very smart and have strong bamboo handles that are also comfortable to hold. They make a lovely gift too, especially if given with a bottle inside!
Bottle Bag - Burgundy (Vegan) £1.99
Bottle Bag - White (Vegan) £1.99

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