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Igennus Healthcare Nutrition

Igennus Healthcare Nutrition

Igennus Healthcare Nutrition Igennus Healthcare Nutrition came into being after years of scientific research into diet and nutrition, to help people achieve vitality and longevity in the face of increasing obesity and ill-health.

Igennus specialises in the production of high-quality health supplements. They pride themselves on formulating scientifically-based premium brands, made entirely from natural ingredients. Their products contain no chemical or artificial nasties.

Igennus select the finest quality raw ingredients which involves rigorous assessment of manufacturing quality standards. The emphasis is on purity, sustainability and animal welfare - they do not test their products on animals.

If pregnant, taking medication or suffering from any disease, always consult a healthcare practitioner before taking a new vitamin or supplement.

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Essential Fatty Acids
These supplements can help boost the levels of the important omega fats in the diet and they are ideal for vegans, vegetarians and anyone allergic to fish.
Echiomega (Vegan Omega-3 EPA) (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (60 caps) £12.99

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