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Freedom Confectionery

Freedom Confectionery

Freedom Confectionery

Freedom Confectionery are the creators of a new vegetarian, halal and vegan marshmallow range. Born from a desire to create a range of confectionery that is suitable for anyone, Freedom Confectionery created and launched their first Freedom Mallows in 2013.

Freedom Mallows have been over 10 years in research. Unlike the majority of similar confectionery products on the market, they contain absolutely no gelatine, instead using a binding agent made from natural extracts. This makes them 100% animal-free and therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Now available as "Vegantic" size mallows that are ideal for toasting or BBQs and also as "Mallow Out" bars that feature delicious mallows coated in smooth chocolate.

Freedom Mallows

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Freedom Mallows
Freedom Mallows, from Freedom Confectionery are delicious, light, fluffy marshmallows. Fat, dairy and gelatine free, they are designed for vegetarians, vegans, consumers with intolerances and those seeking halal or kosher products for religious reasons.
Freedom Vegantic Mallows (Vegan) (105g) £2.49
Freedom Mallow Out Bar - Vanilla (Vegan) (40g) £1.89
Freedom Mallow Out Bar - Strawberry (Vegan) (40g) £1.89
Freedom Marshmallows - Vanilla (Vegan) (75g) £2.49
Freedom Marshmallows - Strawberry (Vegan) (75g) £2.49
Freedom Mini Marshmallows - Vanilla - Pink & White (Vegan) (75g) £2.49

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