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Deva Vitamins & Supplements

Deva Nutrition - Vegan Vitamins & Supplements

Deva Nutrition - Vegan Vitamins & Supplements Deva Nutrition are one of the pioneers in the manufacturer and distributor of unique vitamins, minerals and food supplements that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Deva's guiding mission is to deliver the highest quality vegan and vegetarian vitamins and supplements with the best value to customers. Deva Nutrition is committed to protecting animal rights and they support all the organizations that try to make our World a less painful place for all living beings.

Deva vitamins are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are also registered with the Vegan Society.

If pregnant, taking medication or suffering from any disease, always consult a healthcare practitioner before taking a new vitamin or supplement.

For product details, including complete ingredients list, click on the product name.

Product ranges are listed below.

Deva Multivitamins & Minerals
Get the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs with Deva Vegan Multivitamins. Specially formulated for the vegan or vegetarian who wants the very best multivitamin and mineral supplement in one convenient tablet.
Vegan One-a-Day Multivitamin & Mineral (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £11.49
Vegan One-a-Day Multivitamin & Mineral - Iron Free (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £11.49
Vegan Tiny Tablets Multivitamin & Mineral (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £7.49
Vegan Tiny Tablets Multivitamin & Mineral - Iron Free (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £7.49
Vegan Prenatal Multivitamin & Mineral (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £12.99
Deva Vitamins
Vitamin supplements covering specific needs to ensure an adequate intake of certain key vitamins.
Vegan Vitamin B12 (Sublingual) - 1000mcg (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £8.99
Vegan Vitamin B12 (Sublingual) - 2500mcg (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £11.49
Vegan Vitamin C (Food Based) - 250mg (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £11.99
Vegan Vitamin D2 - 800iu (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £5.99
Vegan Vitamin D2 - 2400iu (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £7.49
Vegan Vitamin D3 - 1000iu (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £8.49
Vegan Vitamin E with Mixed Tocopherols (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £23.99
Deva Glucosamine & MSM
Supplements formulated to provide the building blocks of cartilage. Using ingredients that are from non-animal sources and are therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Vegan Glucosamine (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £9.49
Vegan Glucosamine, MSM & CMO (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £13.99
Deva Essential Fatty Acids
As alternatives to fish oil these Deva supplements are appreciated by vegans, vegetarians and anyone who would like to benefit from ensuring an adequate intake of Essential Fatty Acids - Omega 3, 6 and 9.
Vegan Omega-3 DHA - Softgels (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £24.99
Vegan Omega-3 DHA & EPA - Delayed Release (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £24.99
Vegan Omega-3 DHA & EPA - 300mg - Softgels (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £33.49
Vegan Flaxseed Oil (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £8.49
Vegan Hemp Oil (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £9.49
Vegan Evening Primrose Oil (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £11.49
Vegan Pumpkin Seed Oil (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £9.49
Vegan Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £24.99
Deva Special Care Formulas
Vegan Digestive Enzymes+ (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £18.99
Vegan Probiotic with FOS Prebiotics (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £14.99
Vegan Peppermint Oil - Delayed Release (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £14.99
Vegan Hair, Nails & Skin (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £11.49
Vegan Ceramide Skin Support (Vegan) Tablets (60 tabs) £11.49
Vegan Hyaluronic Acid (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £24.99
Deva Specialised Nutritional Supplements
Vegan Astaxanthin - 4mg (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £8.99
Vegan Astaxanthin - 12mg (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (30 caps) £18.99
Vegan Co-Enzyme Q10 (Chewable) - 25mg (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £8.99
Vegan Co-Enzyme Q10 (Chewable) - 100mg (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £21.99
Vegan Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) (Vegan) Vegi-Caps (90 caps) £14.99
Deva Minerals
Virtually none of the nutrients such as anti-oxidants, fibre and proteins can assert their benefits without the assistance of one or more key minerals. They are involved in regulation and maintenance of water and electrolyte balance, skeletal construction, and nerve and muscle function.
Vegan Calcium-Magnesium Plus (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £7.49
Vegan Chelated Iron with added B12 (Vegan) Tablets (90 tabs) £6.99

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