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Vegan Astaxanthin - 12mg

BackVegan Astaxanthin - 12mg
Suitable for vegans

Astaxanthin is one of a group of naturally occurring pigments known as carotenoids. In nature, carotenoids are produced principally by plants and their microscopic relatives.

As a fat soluble nutrient astaxanthin can function as a potent antioxidant.

Astaxanthin used in this high potency Deva Astaxanthin product is from a plant source: microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, grown using clean water.

Extraction of the astaxanthin from the algal biomass is done by low temperature extraction and without the use of harsh solvents.

Deva Vegan Astaxanthin is 100% animal free, and guaranteed for purity, freshness and labelled potency.

£18.99 / 30 caps

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Food Supplement 1 capsule will typically provide
Astaxanthin (Algae Source) 12mg
Other Ingredients
Vegan Capsule (Cellulose), Oleic Acid, Organic Orange Oil, Silica

Does not contain animal products, derivatives or byproducts. 100% vegetarian, vegan. Registered with the Vegan Society.

Suitable for vegetarian & vegan diets.


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