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Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics - Cruelty-Free Makeup

Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics - Vegan Makeup

Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics - Cruelty-Free Vegan Makeup Beauty Without Cruelty was founded in 1963 in England by the trustees of BWC Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organisation. Its goal was to manufacture and distribute natural, color cosmetics that were NOT tested on animals (as was the norm) and did NOT contain any animal ingredients. In other words, cosmetics that were completely cruelty-free.

The driving force behind Beauty Without Cruelty was Katherine Long, a dedicated, life-long animal welfare activist, a cosmetician, and a vegetarian. Together with Noel Gabriel, Katherine developed the first, full line of cruelty-free color cosmetics.

Since those early days, Beauty Without Cruelty makeup has gained a reputation as being one of the leading cruelty-free cosmetics brands providing products suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. The whole range is registered with the Vegan Society and their products carry the Vegan Society logo. Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics

Recently BWC has also added some fantastic new natural, mineral and 100% plant-based makeup products to its cosmetics range.

Remember that colours shown on screen may vary from one monitor to another and should therefore be taken as an indication of the colour only.

For product details, including complete ingredients list, click on the product name.

Product ranges are listed below.

Beauty Without Cruelty Attitude Nail Paint
These BWC nail colours offer high gloss natural chip-proof, long-lasting, quick drying intense colours with one coat efficacy. They are Toluene, formaldehyde, and phthalate free.
Attitude Nail Colour - Gold (no. 15) (Vegan) (10ml) £7.99
Attitude Nail Colour - Rose Quartz (no. 37) (Vegan) (10ml) £7.99
Attitude Nail Colour - Reckless Ruby (no. 27) (Vegan) (10ml) £7.99
Attitude Nail Colour - Raspberry (no. 34) (Vegan) (10ml) £7.99
Attitude Nail Colour - Candyfloss (no. 35) (Vegan) (10ml) £7.99
Attitude Nail Colour - Deepest Mulberry (no. 56) (Vegan) (10ml) £7.99
Attitude Nail Colour - Heather Mist (no. 64) (Vegan) (10ml) £7.99
Attitude Nail Colour - Geranium (no. 74) (Vegan) (10ml) £7.99
Attitude Nail Colour - Pink Crush (no. 89) (Vegan) (10ml) £7.99
Beauty Without Cruelty Kind Clean Nails - Nail Polish Remover
An ultra gentle, but highly effective 100% plant based nail polish remover from BWC.
Kind Clean Nails - Nail Polish Remover (Vegan) (100ml) £12.50
Beauty Without Cruelty Satin Finish Eye Shadow Duo
Each of these BWC eye shadow duos contain two beautifully soft and colour rich eye shadows along with a double ended soft applicator. Suitable for vegans, fragrance free and hypoallergenic.
Eye Shadow Duo - Aquamarine (no. 9) (Vegan) (2x2g) £5.95
Eye Shadow Duo - Lilac (no. 10) (Vegan) (2x2g) £5.95
Beauty Without Cruelty Sensuous Mineral Eye Shadow
Beautiful intense natural pigment and mineral powders that deliver a perfect cover, flawless yet transparent. Free from oils, waxes and talc. Fragrance free and hypoallergenic.
Sensuous Mineral Eye Shadow - Obsession (no. 62) (Vegan) (1.5g) £8.99
Sensuous Mineral Eye Shadow - Pride (no. 86) (Vegan) (1.5g) £8.99
Sensuous Mineral Eye Shadow - Lust (no. 54) (Vegan) (1.5g) £8.99
Sensuous Mineral Eye Shadow - Purity (no. 11) (Vegan) (1.5g) £8.99
Sensuous Mineral Eye Shadow - Mystery (no. 95) (Vegan) (1.5g) £8.99
Beauty Without Cruelty Soft Natural Lip Gloss
Soft Natural Lip Gloss from Beauty Without Cruelty offers a smooth and conditioning feel with a beautiful selection of colours which look perfect on the lips.
Soft Natural Lip Gloss - Wild Berry (no. 1) (Vegan) (3ml) £7.99
Soft Natural Lip Gloss - Rosewood Rave (no. 2) (Vegan) (3ml) £7.99
Soft Natural Lip Gloss - Watermelon (no. 3) (Vegan) (3ml) £7.99
Soft Natural Lip Gloss - Coral Mist (no. 4) (Vegan) (3ml) £7.99
Soft Natural Lip Gloss - Apricot Shimmer (no. 5) (Vegan) (3ml) £7.99
Soft Natural Lip Gloss - Nude (no. 6) (Vegan) (3ml) £7.99
Beauty Without Cruelty Lip Gloss Pens
Sheer lip gloss for conditioning shine.
Lip Gloss Pen - Clear (no. 1) (Vegan) (1.2ml) £4.95
Beauty Without Cruelty Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation
Amazing new foundations from BWC that give a perfect flawless finish every time and are available in 6 stunning natural looking shades. These foundations are perfect for all day wear and leave your skin feeling like it has been treated to a skin care pampering session. They contain such large amounts of natural moisturising and conditioning ingredients that they are better at looking after your delicate skin than some top end moisturisers.
Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation - Sheer (Vegan) (15ml) £11.99
Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation - Fair (Vegan) (15ml) £11.99
Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation - Light (Vegan) (15ml) £11.99
Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation - Medium (Vegan) (15ml) £11.99
Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation - Natural (Vegan) (15ml) £11.99
Ultimate Natural Liquid Foundation - Beige (Vegan) (15ml) £11.99
Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Infusion Moisturising Lipsticks
BWC offer the only 100% vegan natural lipstick with amazing colour rich shades. You'll love the natural feeling texture of these lipsticks and the exceptional soft conditioning feel on the lips due to over 40% certified jojoba oil content. As with all BWC products the Natural Infusion lipsticks contain no added fragrances making them the hypoallergenic lipstick choice for sensitive skin.
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Pink Crush (no. 67) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Wild Watermelon (no. 57) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Dusty Pink (no. 84) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Warm Pecan (no. 45) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Gold (no. 43) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Cappuccino (no. 32) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Ripe Cherry (no. 39) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Cerise (no. 50) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Day Lily (no. 55) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Rosewood (no. 61) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Sweet Apricot (no. 62) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Reckless Ruby (no. 47) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Blueberry Coulis (no. 46) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Lipstick - Coral (no. 63) (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Infusion Matte Moisturising Lipsticks
A soft, moisturising, vegan matte lipstick from Beauty Without Cruelty. These lipsticks have a lovely natural feeling texture, to instantly nourish lips with maximum hydration. They also contain a natural organic mattifier which reduces shine and, just like the other products in the range, they contain no added fragrances, making them a perfect choice for sensitive skin.
Natural Infusion Matte Lipstick - Cioccolata (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Matte Lipstick - Promise (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Matte Lipstick - Belle of the Ball (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Matte Lipstick - Paradisia (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Matte Lipstick - Cocktail Dress (Vegan) (4g) £9.99
Natural Infusion Matte Lipstick - Outrageous (Vegan) (4g) £9.99

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