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Barry M Cosmetics - Cruelty-Free Makeup

Barry M Cosmetics - Cruelty-Free Makeup

Barry M Cosmetics - Cruelty-Free Makeup Barry M Cosmetics was created in 1982 and soon developed a reputation for producing colourful, affordable and extremely fashionable cosmetics. Since then Barry M Cosmetics has gone on to become the UK's number 1 fashion cosmetic company and their make-up has been used and endorsed by many celebrities around the World.

Barry M Cosmetics have never tested their finished products or ingredients on animals or engaged another company to do so on their behalf. They are listed by Naturewatch as a Cruelty Free supplier of cosmetics with a fixed cut-off date animal testing policy.

All Barry M Cosmetics makeup available from Green Valley is also completely free of any animal ingredients making it truly cruelty-free makeup that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well. Barry M Cosmetics

Remember that colours shown on screen may vary from one monitor to another and should therefore be taken as an indication of the colour only.

For product details, including complete ingredients list, click on the product name.

Product ranges are listed below.

Barry M Nail Paints
All Barry M Nail Paints are in a quick-drying base suitable for natural or acrylic nails. We always recommend using a basecoat before applying any coloured Nail Paint. The "3-in-1" Basecoat, Topcoat & Nail Hardener Crystal Clear Nail Paint (no.54) is ideal for this.
Nail Paint - 3-in-1 Crystal Clear (no. 54) (Vegan) (10ml) £2.99
Nail Paint - Crystal Glaze (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Nail Paint - Matt White (no. 66) (Vegan) (10ml) £2.99
Nail Paint - Black (no. 47) (Vegan) (10ml) £2.99
Nail Paint - Blue Glitter (no. 297) (Vegan) (10ml) £2.99
Nail Paint - Neon Yellow (Vegan) (10ml) £2.99
Barry M Classic Matte Nail Paints
Barry M Classic Matte Nail Paint is available in a coffee shop collection of warm, wintery colours. Whatever your look, demure or grunge, these vegan nail paints compliment it perfectly.
Classic Matte Nail Paint - Black Espresso (no. 1) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Classic Matte Nail Paint - Nude Vanilla (no. 4) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Classic Matte Nail Paint - Cancun (no. 10) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Classic Matte Nail Paint - Copacabana (no. 11) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Classic Matte Nail Paint - Topcoat (Vegan) (10ml) £2.99
Barry M Glitterati Nail Paints
With their long lasting formula, Glitterati Nail Paints from Barry M deliver all the glitz and glam you'll need to shine and sparkle from dusk 'til dawn.
Glitterati Nail Paint - Starlet (no. 1) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Glitterati Nail Paint - Socialite (no. 2) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Glitterati Nail Paint - Fashion Icon (no. 3) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints
Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly Nail Paints give your nails an extra glossy finish.
Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Plum (no. 1) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Blueberry (no. 5) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Pomegranate (no. 9) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Lychee (no. 10) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Dragon Fruit (no. 11) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Key Lime (no. 14) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Passion Fruit (no. 16) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint - Plumpy Topcoat (Vegan) (10ml) £2.99
Barry M Sunset Nail Paints
Barry M's Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint and Topcoat deliver the look and resilience of pro salon gel nails without a UV lamp or the expense.
Sunset Nail Paint - Can't Get You Out Of My Red (no. 1) (Vegan) (10ml) £4.99
Sunset Nail Paint - You Drive Me Navy (no. 2) (Vegan) (10ml) £4.99
Sunset Nail Paint - The Way You Make Me Teal (no. 5) (Vegan) (10ml) £4.99
Sunset Nail Paint - Do You Pink I'm Sexy? (no. 8) (Vegan) (10ml) £4.99
Sunset Nail Paint - Dark Side of the Shroom' (no. 9) (Vegan) (10ml) £4.99
Sunset Nail Paint - Plum On Baby Light My Fire (no. 11) (Vegan) (10ml) £4.99
Sunset Nail Paint - Topcoat (Vegan) (10ml) £4.99
Barry M Instant Nail Effects Crackle
These simple to use nail paints are used on top of your base coat nail paint to create an amazing crackle effect on your nails in one simple stroke. Have fun with them and create unique nail effects.
Instant Nail Effects - Pink Fizz (no. 314) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Instant Nail Effects - White Frost (no. 316) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Instant Nail Effects - Purple Rain (no. 322) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Barry M Magnetic Nail Effects
Each metallic colour comes with its own uniquely designed magnet that creates the distinctive pattern when hovered over the wet nail paint. Collect the whole range to mix and match colours and effects!
Magnetic Nail Effects - Blue (no. 328) (Vegan) (10ml) £4.99
Barry M Nail Art Pens
Decorate your nails with these fab nail art pens from Barry M. They have an extra fine tip and easy grip bottle to make designing simple. Simply shake the bottle well before use and pump the tip until the colour starts to flow.
Nail Art Pen - Silver (no. 3) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Nail Art Pen - Pink (no. 4) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Barry M Nail Paint Corrector Pen
The acetone-free nail paint corrector pen from Barry M makes it simple to tidy up the edges of your nails.
Nail Paint Corrector Pen (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Barry M Mascara
Barry M mascaras are fragrance free, long lasting and have a lengthening and thickening formula. Use this mascara to make your eyelashes denser, longer and thicker.
Lash Vegas 2 Mascara - Black (no. 25) (Vegan) (7ml) £4.99
Barry M Brow Pen
Define and enhance eyebrows with Barry M's Liquid Brow Marker Pen.
Brow Pen (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Barry M Brow Wands
Sculpt and fill in brows with the easy-to-use Brow Wands from Barry M. Featuring an angled pencil and tinted gel to make perfectly groomed brows a breeze.
Brow Wand - Light (no. 1) (Vegan) (each) £5.99
Brow Wand - Medium (no. 2) (Vegan) (each) £5.99
Brow Wand - Dark (no. 3) (Vegan) (each) £5.99
Barry M Brow Pencils
Get brows of distinction with Barry M's eyebrow pencils.
Brow Wow! Pencil - Light to Medium (no. 1) (Vegan) (each) £3.99
Brow Wow! Pencil - Medium to Dark (no. 2) (Vegan) (each) £3.99
Barry M Brow Powder
Easy-to-apply, velvety smooth brow powder that fills gaps in your eyebrows whilst helping you to create the perfect shape.
It's a Brow Thing - Medium (no. 1) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
It's a Brow Thing - Light (no. 2) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Barry M Eyeliner Pens
Barry M eyeliner pens make lining your eyes easy. In just a few strokes you can create instense, bold lines and precise flicks for a dramatic look.
On Point Precision Waterproof Eyeliner - Black (no. 1) (Vegan) (each) £4.59
Barry M Eyeliner Pencils
Eyeliner pencils allow you to apply your eyeliner smoothly and with complete precision.
Bold Waterproof Eyeliner - Black (no. 1) (Vegan) (each) £3.99
Bold Waterproof Eyeliner - Gold (no. 2) (Vegan) (each) £3.99
Bold Waterproof Eyeliner - Gun Metal (no. 6) (Vegan) (each) £3.99
Bold Waterproof Eyeliner - Bronze (no. 7) (Vegan) (each) £3.99
Bold Waterproof Eyeliner - White (no. 8) (Vegan) (each) £3.99
Bold Waterproof Eyeliner - Brown (no. 14) (Vegan) (each) £3.99
Barry M Liquid Eyeliners
Each Barry M liquid eyeliner comes with a precision applicator making application easy and helping you create the ultimate eye contour. Available in a range of great colours to bejewel your eyes and make them shine!
Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner - Ebony (no. 11) (Vegan) (each) £4.79
Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner - Super Gloss Black (no. 12) (Vegan) (each) £4.79
Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner - Cocoa (no. 13) (Vegan) (each) £4.79
Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner - Plum (no. 14) (Vegan) (each) £4.79
Barry M Kohl Pencils
Barry M kohl pencils give you colour that is smooth, soft and smudgeable! They are super soft, yet long lasting eye pencils, packed with dense colour for precision application. They can emphasise eyes or define eyebrows for dramatic effect and all can be smudged for extra sex appeal. The White Kohl Pencil, applied inside the lower lid will help make your eyes look larger, clearer and brighter.
Kohl Pencil - Black (no. 1) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Kohl Pencil - Brown (no. 2) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Kohl Pencil - Electric Blue (no. 6) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Kohl Pencil - Gold (no. 10) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Kohl Pencil - Kingfisher Blue (no. 19) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Kohl Pencil - Grey (no. 26) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Kohl Pencil - Bronze (no. 28) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Kohl Pencil - White (no. 30) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Kohl Pencil - Nude (no. 32) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Barry M Lip Liners
Barry M lip liners are velvety, smooth with a creamy texture. They are firm enough to draw a precise thin line, yet soft enough to blend in.
Lip Liner - Tan (no. 1) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Dark Pink (no. 2) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Red (no. 3) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Russet (no. 5) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Chocolate (no. 6) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Wine (no. 7) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Mulberry (no. 9) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Plum (no. 11) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Coral (no. 14) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Rose (no. 15) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Toast (no. 16) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Lip Liner - Blush (no. 17) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Barry M Lip Crayons
Barry M soft, moisturising lip crayons come in a variety of gorgeous shades. With an ultra-rich, highly pigmented formula, they create an intense depth of colour with an unbelievable sheen.
Gelly Hi Shine Lips - Vega (no. 1) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Gelly Hi Shine Lips - Alpha (no. 2) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Barry M Lip Gloss - Lip Paint
Offering extreme liquid lip colour for the perfect power pout. With high pigment to provide intense colour coverage and in a handy tube to make application simple.
Loud Mouth - Tease (no. 2) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Loud Mouth - Gossip (no. 3) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Loud Mouth - Show Off (no. 4) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Loud Mouth - Chatterbox (no. 5) (Vegan) (10ml) £3.99
Barry M Lip Gloss - Wands
For a power pout that's packed with lustre and in a range of essential shades. These lip gloss wands from Barry M will keep your lips puckered from desk to dance floor.
Lip Boss - At the End of the Day (no. 1) (Vegan) (each) £4.49
Barry M All Night Long Primer Sticks
Blur skin imperfections with these soft focus effect primers that will ensure your makeup looks better and lasts even longer. Oil free and paraben free, use on clean skin before applying foundation.
All Night Long Primer Stick - Original (Vegan) (each) £6.99
All Night Long Primer Stick - Anti-Redness (Vegan) (each) £6.99
Barry M All Night Long Liquid Foundation
All Night Long foundation from Barry M will have you covered until the early hours with its smooth, creamy formulation which is easy to blend and feels lightweight on the skin. With anti-oxidizing fruit extracts and Vitamin E to moisturise, it's paraben free for a healthy look that's yours.
All Night Long Liquid Foundation - Milk (no. 1) (Vegan) (30ml) £7.99
All Night Long Liquid Foundation - Cashew (no. 2) (Vegan) (30ml) £7.99
All Night Long Liquid Foundation - Oatmeal (no. 3) (Vegan) (30ml) £7.99
All Night Long Liquid Foundation - Cookie (no. 5) (Vegan) (30ml) £7.99
All Night Long Liquid Foundation - Butterscotch (no. 7) (Vegan) (30ml) £7.99
All Night Long Liquid Foundation - Almond (no. 8) (Vegan) (30ml) £7.99
All Night Long Liquid Foundation - Waffle (no. 9) (Vegan) (30ml) £7.99
All Night Long Liquid Foundation - Hazelnut (no. 11) (Vegan) (30ml) £7.99
All Night Long Liquid Foundation - Pecan (no. 13) (Vegan) (30ml) £7.99
Barry M All Night Long Concealer
Blur skin imperfections with this full coverage, soft focus effect concealer from Barry M. It is perfect for covering up imperfections and illuminating the complexion! Paraben free and with Vitamin E to moisturise, it blends seamlessly into the skin for a customisable finish.
All Night Long Concealer - Milk (no. 1) (Vegan) (5ml) £4.49
All Night Long Concealer - Oatmeal (no. 2) (Vegan) (5ml) £4.49
All Night Long Concealer - Cookie (no. 3) (Vegan) (5ml) £4.49
All Night Long Concealer - Almond (no. 4) (Vegan) (5ml) £4.49
All Night Long Concealer - Waffle (no. 5) (Vegan) (5ml) £4.49
All Night Long Concealer - Hazelnut (no. 6) (Vegan) (5ml) £4.49
Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kits
Barry M Chisel Cheeks Kits give you everything you need to shape and define your natural bone structure. The travel-sized palette includes a light powder to highlight, a bronzer to warm, and a dark powder to sculpt for a perfectly enhanced appearance.
Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit - Light-Medium (Vegan) (each) £6.99
Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit - Medium-Dark (Vegan) (each) £6.99
Barry M Blusher
Barry M's Blusher is packed with deliciously rich pigment to give your cheeks the perfect rosy glow. Sweep over your cheeks for wonderfully even coverage.
Blusher Quad Palette (Vegan) (each) £5.99
Make Me Blush Powder Blusher - Knickerbocker Glory (no. 1) (Vegan) (each) £3.99
Make Me Blush Powder Blusher - Fairy Cake (no. 2) (Vegan) (each) £3.99
Barry M Bronzer
Barry M's super smooth bronzer powders can be layered for a beautiful golden glow all year round.
Staycation Bronzer Palette (Vegan) (each) £5.99
Barry M Eyeshadow Palettes
Stunning eyeshadow palettes, which cater to every occasion and every outfit. With a combination of shades, including matte,shimmer and metallic, you can create your favourite beauty look with the ease of having all shades in one compact.
Eyeshadow Palette - Fall in Love (Vegan) (each) £6.99
Eyeshadow Palette - Meteor Storm (Vegan) (each) £9.99
Eyeshadow Palette - In the Buff (Vegan) (each) £6.99
Eyeshadow Palette - Deluxe Metals (Vegan) (each) £7.49
Eyeshadow Palette - Fall in Love 2 (Vegan) (each) £6.99
Eyeshadow Palette - Island Hopper (Vegan) (each) £6.99
Barry M Single Pressed Eyeshadows
Soft and creamy single pressed eyeshadows in a range of colours. With a matt and shimmery formula, these vegan eyeshadows from Barry M are perfect on their own or blended together for a full statement eye.
Single Pressed Eyeshadow - Pink (no. 7) (Vegan) (each) £2.99
Barry M Crushed Jewel Eyeshadows
Shimmering creamy eyeshadows in a range of dazzling colours. Overflowing with stunningly rich shimmery particles packed tightly into their smooth, lightweight formula and featuring a doe-foot applicator, allowing the formula to glide easily across the eyelid for a striking, metallic finish.
Crushed Jewel Eyeshadow - Pillow Talk (no. 2) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Crushed Jewel Eyeshadow - Fairytale (no. 4) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Crushed Jewel Eyeshadow - Twilight (no. 6) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Crushed Jewel Eyeshadow - Dream Catcher (no. 7) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Crushed Jewel Eyeshadow - Starry Eyed (no. 8) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Barry M Dazzle Dust
A spectacular collection of breath-taking loose, highly pearlised powder available in an array of vibrant colours to enhance your eyes, cheeks or lips. Each little pot of dazzle dust contains multiple facets of intensive reflective colour that glides on smoothly adding sparkle and sheen.
Dazzle Dust - Electric Blue (no. 22) (Vegan) (each) £4.59
Dazzle Dust - Gold Iridescent (no. 27) (Vegan) (each) £4.59
Dazzle Dust - Rose Gold (no. 39) (Vegan) (each) £4.59
Dazzle Dust - Bronze (no. 44) (Vegan) (each) £4.59
Dazzle Dust - Petrol Black (no. 98) (Vegan) (each) £4.59
Dazzle Dust - Nemesis (no. 108) (Vegan) (each) £4.59
Barry M Glitter Dust
These Barry M glitter dusts have been cleverly blended with ultra fine, diamond like glitter flecks to dazzle. Ideal to experiment with for the wilder, more adventurous make-up fans. Use them on the cheeks, lips and body to create a stunning glitzy look!
Fine Glitter Dust - Crimson-Pink (no. 7) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Fine Glitter Dust - Gold Iridescent (no. 15) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Fine Glitter Dust - Denim (no. 20) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Fine Glitter Dust - Black Gold (no. 22) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Fine Glitter Dust - Wildfire (no. 27) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Fine Glitter Dust - Enchanted Forest (no. 28) (Vegan) (each) £4.99
Barry M Accessories
Duo Pencil Sharpener (Vegan) (each) £2.00

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