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Alvin Connor Natural Crystal Body Spray Deodorant

BackNatural Crystal Body Spray Deodorant
Suitable for vegans

Alvin Connor Natural Crystal Body Spray Deodorant is made with a unique blend of naturally occurring deodorising crystal salts and plant extracts. The crystal spray refreshes and replenishes while the minerals work to leave your skin wonderfully fresh, odour free and in a state of natural balance.

It is the perfectly natural way to stay odour free. Simply add water to the bottle to provide the most refreshing day long natural protection against body odour.

Refill when needed until all salts have dissolved. The salts are long lasting and this bottle can last upto 5-6 refills (around 6 months).

£6.95 / 30g


Ammonium Alum

Not tested on animals.
Contains no animal products.
Suitable for vegans.
Free from toxic chemicals, artificial fragrance and colour.


Natural Crystal Body Spray Deodorant © 1999- Green Valley Trading Co.

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